Under the Black Blanket


Oh, Afghanistan

The stories of the things that happen to women in Afghanistan are so disgusting it's almost impossible to look at them. 
Here's one about Sahur Gul, the 15 year old force-married to a man who decided he could pimp her out, to bring his family some funds. She resisted, so they locked her in a basement and tortured her.
It's not that this doesn't happen in the rest of the world. It's that in Afghanistan, it's quasi-legal.
From the article:
"The Law on the Elimination of Violence Against Women was passed in August 2009 and had raised hopes among women's rights activists that Afghan women would get to fight back against abuses that had been ignored under Taliban rule. The law criminalized many abuses for the first time, including domestic violence, child marriage, driving a woman to resort to suicide and the selling and buying of women.
Yet the report found only a small percentage of reported crimes against women are pursued by the Afghan government."
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