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Beating the Religious Vigilantes

From Egypt, encouraging word that rural women went after young Salafist religious vigilantes with a taste of their own medicine, beating them with sticks when they came to harass - Saudi and Iranian style - women at a beauty salon. Al Arabiya has the story :

"A group of ultra-conservative Salafis got more than they bargained for after bursting into a beauty salon in the Egyptian town of Benha in an attempt to enforce "God's law" on the women inside reported the online newspaper, Bikya Masr.

The women were told to stop what they were doing or face physical punishment from the group.

But instead of complying out of fear, or calling for help, the women took matters into their own hands by striking back.

They beat and whipped the vigilante gang "with their own canes before kicking them out to the street in front of an astonished crowd of onlookers," Egyptian online newspaper, Bikya Masr, reported."

In Israel, meanwhile, women convened a flashmob to protest the Haredim and videotaped it, here.
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