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Down, Down in Egypt

Women in Egypt are not looking likely to benefit from their revolution.

On Monday, the Egyptian judges hearing Samira Ibrahim's case against the military for "virginity testing" young women in prison acquitted the military doctor she accused. They let Ahmed Abdel go, because of what they called "contradictory statements" from witnesses.

The fact that there were any witnesses at all was astounding in the first place. Women do not speak of sexual assault in the honor cultures, for fear of being shunned or worse.

From the coverage:

Ibrahim has paid a heavy price for being the first to speak out and become the representative of the victims of the sexual assault. "I sacrificed my job and now my reputation and the Egyptian media has forsaken me, there was some support before and now that is gone. There's no one standing by me and that is a catastrophe," she said.

"These violations have always occurred against us [Egyptian women] and many people are frustrated and depressed because of the verdict yesterday," she added

Read the interveiw with Ibrahim in the Guardian.

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