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Erase Me TV, Egypt's Latest Advance for Women

Muslim woman in Yemen.

Muslim woman in Yemen. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Out of Egypt, news of the latest advance in women's rights: a television station "run by" fully veiled women. By "run by" we mean, of course, operated by a man, with women fronting for him. And by fully veiled, we mean, the "niqab" - a barbaric costume anywhere, but especially in desert heat, intended to utterly negate the female form and face.
The show, inaugurated in time for Ramadan 2012,  is the brainchild of an Islamist broadcast entrepreneur named Ahmed Abdallah, as part of his pan-Islamist satellite network Ummah TV.  "I am broadcasting a new era for women who wear niqab, for a new kind of woman," he crowed to reporters.

Read the entire story of this groundbreaking Islamist feminist advance here at CNN's site, with video.

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