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HRC Bareheaded and Fighting


One of the problems with American policy vis a vis women and the Islamists is how few American politicians have been willing to step forward and criticize what's going on.
After three female Secretaries of State, official American policy on the Saudi ban on female drivers remains not only intact but barely criticized. When a petition went around Congress supporting the women who want to drive, an embarrassingly small number of our elected officials recognize this as a human rights violation, and only 14 members signed it. All were ... female.
So it's heartening to see that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has begun to speak out publicly, not just about Egyptian military abuse of female protesters as she did in Georgetown yesterday but also about equally misogynistic behavior over in Israel, where the Haredim (extreme Orthodox) treat their females like baby-producing cattle and make them sit in separate buses. 
Speaking in Washington last week, HRC called out the Israelis on that, and compared the treatment to the Rosa Parks situation in the US civil rights battle.
I also must say, it's great to see her meeting with those Saudi princes in secular venues, without what Oriana Fallaci called "the dirty medieval rag" over her head.
More of the same, going forward, we hope. 
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