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Mr. Akin and the Apocalypse of the Republican Mind

hpost logo.jpegI write today of a natural disaster threatening to do more harm to our future as a democracy than al Qaeda or the Red Threat before that.

We've seen alarming intimations of it for a few decades, but nobody bothered to act. We were all too busy rearranging ourselves around the new wealth gap, falling out of the Disappearing Middle Class into the crater without a net, or, if among the one percent, preoccupied with hiring the best landscaper for the helicopter pad in the back forty.

Now, perhaps, it is simply too late.

I'm talking about the apocalypse of the Republican mind.

Biology? Fallopian tubes do not release eggs to rapist sperm.

Economics? Automatic improvement when rich people pay no taxes.

Criminal science? Guns don't kill people, people kill people, tactical weapons on demand.

Planetary science? Climate change not happening, or if so, God-caused, not anthropogenic.

World geography? Flat.

There was a time within memory when those of us on the left could actually find a smart right-winger with whom to debate. There was William Buckley and his spawn over at the National Review. But they have ceded the podium to the likes of of Akin, Ryan, Bachmann, Karl Rove's astro-turf right-wing populists. And more will follow as Rove disperses the pallets of anti-tax bucks rolling in on the Citizens United ruling.

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