Under the Black Blanket


Nawal el Saadawy and FGM, "Thanks be to God"

The world has devised many means of controlling and abusing girls and women, from black blankets over heads, to forced marriages and honor killings, but possibly the most sickening of all practices is Female Genital Mutilation or FGM, which is committed on helpless children and approved by their parents, especially their mothers, who themselves were sliced open and de-sexed as children.

Yesterday was the day the UN designated for international condemnation of the practice. In the British Parliament a female member (naturally) stood up and decried the fact that tens of thousands of British girls, children of immigrants, are still mutilated every year. That story is here.

Lately I've been reading the works of Egyptian writer and feminst Nawal el Sadawy, and will be quoting her in places later, but here she eloquently recalls her own excision ceremony in an interview with The Independent here.

From the article:

At the age of six, in the summer of 1937, Nawal El Saadawi was pinned down by four women in her home in Egypt. A midwife, holding a sharpened razor blade, pulled out her clitoris and cut it off. "Since I was a child that deep wound left in my body has never healed," she wrote in her first autobiography, A Daughter of Isis.

"I lay in a pool of blood. After a few days, the bleeding stopped, and the daya [midwife] peered between my thighs and said, 'All is well. The wound has healed, thanks be to God.' But the pain was there, like an abscess in my flesh."
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