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Orthodox Israelis and women


The New York Times has an interesting piece today on the brazen misogyny of the ultra-Orthodox in Israel. The story follows the travails of an 8 year old girl, daughter of American immigrants, hounded in suburban Jerusalem for not wearing what they deem to be the proper coverings.
Must be something in the water over there.
The picture that goes with it is worth a thousand words. Except the sign they are holding is in Hebrew. Translated, it reads: "Women are asked not to linger in this area."
Nice guys. They will get along well with the Brotherhood across the border.

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I found this article fascinating and disturbing - with echoes of segregation in the US in forcing women to the back of the bus or to the other side of the street. It all started with harassment - terrorizing really - an 8 year old girl who is herself Orthodox.
Awful, but as you say, Nina, perhaps they can find a point of agreement with Islamic brethren.

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