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Pimping Young Girls on the Web

backpage ad.jpgNick Kristof has an excellent article today on the pimping of girls on the web using a Village Voice advertising service called Backpage. A sample of its wares today is the ad for Bunnygirls, above.
We often hear men and women allied with the religious fundies talk about how women in the west are treated badly too. And it is certainly true. This is just another point on the global spectrum of man's inability to think of "woman" as a human being.

From the story:

Backpage suggests that it is battling censors and prudes. In fact, what drives it seems to be greed. In their letter, the attorneys general said that Backpage earns more than $22 million annually from prostitution advertising.

On Backpage, the pimps claim adult ages for the girls they market, but (Brooklyn prosecutor) Hersh scoffs. "I see 19," she said, "and I immediately think 13."

"I'm not seeing a lot of cases where there's not coercion," she added. "The average age where a girl is forced into prostitution is 12 to 14. And most of these 16- or 17 year-olds are being run by pretty vicious pimps."
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