Under the Black Blanket


Saudi Women Athletes to remain the Greatest Oxymoron on Earth

vealCalf2W-1.jpgHuman Rights Watch reports today that the wise men of Riyadh have banned their small group of women athletes - who play soccer behind walls to keep the male gaze from being irreparably inflamed by the sight of their bare legs and arms - from the Olympics in London. This despite the fact that the IOC threatened to ban the Kingdom's male athletes from participating if the women were kept home. It remains to be seen whether the IOC will have the courage of its convictions on this one.

The aptest metaphor for Saudi treatment of women - forced permanent childhood under male "guardianship", the prohibition on driving, the sickening black blanket, the enforced weakness on every front, especially the ban on physical activity and certainly public sports  - can be summed up in VEAL CALVES, like the white one behind bars pictured here. Like veal, they are imprisoned, kept in the dark and denied physical exercise, to enhance and accentuate their softness. Actually, the French word "moelleux" maybe better captures what these men are after in their females -- powerless, supine, pliant as a rare meat. 

The story here:

Human Rights Watch said Saudi Arabia, which announced three months ago it would permit women to participate in the Games, is now barring female athletes from joining the Saudi team, Bikya Masr reported Friday.

The organization said Saudi Arabia is violating the Olympic Charter by engaging in gender discrimination and called on the International Olympic Committee to bar Saudi Arabia from the Olympics unless it allows female athletes to participate.

"Human Rights Watch urges the International Olympic Committee to uphold the values of the Olympic Charter and condition Saudi Arabia's participation in the London 2012 Olympics on the country taking steps to end discrimination against women in sports," the group said in a statement.

Read more: http://www.upi.com/Sports_News/2012/02/17/Saudi-women-banned-from-London-Olympics/UPI-69481329509173/#ixzz1mkTaktBL

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