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Rape Fear: The Father of Terror

Egypt: Gizeh

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In Egypt, they call the sphinx of Giza the Abu Hol, or the Father of Terror.
The real father of terror for women walking around outside in Egypt - and in other countries in the region - is fear of rape.
Rape fear is an extremely efficient mind-weapon against all women, especially effective in the Middle East, not just because rape is a violent and terrible act, but because  "honor" societies put female modesty at the center of family reputations.
Raped women are variously shunned, executed, forced to marry their attackers.
In Egypt, when journalists like Lara Logan or Mona Eltahawy are sexually assaulted, the men in charge are broadcasting a reminder message to the larger Egyptian  female population: stay home where you belong.
Egyptian-American journalist Mona Eltahaway has talked bout being assaulted inside the Ministry of Interior. She says only dual citizenship saved her from worse treatment.

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