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The Mullahs of the American Congress

images.jpgDarryl Issa's all-male House panel today, discussing the contraceptive oversight rule, refused to hear a word from women, preferring instead to listen to men who think "liberty" means denying women access to birth control on insurance plans like the one Georgetown University law school offers its female students.

With the Congressional Mullahs, a man's "liberty" to serve God as he sees fit means a woman's forced and unwanted pregnancy, I guess.  The woman-loathing jihadis don't really have to come over here and try to install Sharia law, with religious panderers like Issa in charge.

From Politico's reportage:

Rep. Carolyn Maloney pressed Issa to allow Sandra Fluke, a law student from Georgetown University, to testify about the impact of the new requirement that most health plans offer contraceptive coverage with no co-pay. Issa shot back that Fluke was rejected because she was "not found to be appropriate or qualified" to testify about religious liberty. He said liberty, not contraception, was the topic of the hearing.

Read more: http://www.politico.com/news/stories/0212/72971.html#ixzz1mafWKID4
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"....a woman's forced and unwanted pregnancy, I guess."

Bad guess. A woman's forced pregnancy is rape.

If they open up voluntarily and get pregnant, evolutionary nature attempts to keep the species alive. Recreational sex is lower than animals. At least animals propagate their species through mating.

Which abortion are you advocating?

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